The amiable collection stage

During this stage, our company which, based on the customers and investments in Romania is the leading specialized company, successfully renders collection services by phone, notices and summons, visits on the field at the debtor domicile/ registered office/ working place, the investigation of the debtor assets [the latter case in order to prepare the court stage]; unlike our competitors, through our 120 collectors, we cover with high results, by means of our field division, the discussions, negotiation and financial arrangements stage in order to recover the debts, with individuals and legal entities that owe certain amounts to our customers;

During the stage of written notices sent to the debtors, the settlement degree of the debts collection is of 15 %

Another benefit of the cooperation with our company consists of the fact that we are the only ones who have understood that a debt shall only be paid following a direct contact, direct discussions and negotiations with the debtor, and consequently we have THE LARGEST, PROFESSIONAL TEAM of field agents who pay visits at the debtor domicile, working place and other premises, in this case the success rate is of 40 %, the highest ratio of our business, because any person can make calls or send letters, but the direct contact with many debtors implies a team of professionals and an extraordinary logistic, provided by our company through its offices located in Bucharest, Brasov, Constanta, Timisoara and Cluj-Napoca.

In fact our company identifies itself, based on efficiency, with the perfect system where the field work harmoniously cooperates with our extraordinary results, being proved that once opened, maintained and intelligently managed a discussion and communication channel with the debtor, the latter proceeds to make the payment, which is benefic both for us [and we are actually related to the positive results] and for our customer.

Our customers’ satisfaction level regarding our services exceeds 95 %, which means that the credentials our customer could provide regarding the benefits of our cooperation are extraordinary.