Our purpose

Professional recovery of liabilities

Maybe the most problematic issue in Romania is generated by the financial blockage caused by the debtors’ failure to pay their civil and/or commercial liabilities. This issue, backed by the difficult judicial system, forced execution stage and in particular the long-term bankruptcy proceedings, have caused the existence of a market sector, strictly specialized, namely the receivables collection and recovery services.

Based on the premise of a clear definition of the duties each of the professional categories has in the civil society, based on solid legal academic studies, we understood that there is a lack between the services provided to a potential creditor, by a lawyer/ legal adviser and by the official receiver. Thus, based on the requirement of a well supported documentary work, and intending to protect the creditor against normal expenses incurred during legal proceedings / forced execution and bankruptcy proceedings related to receivables collection [legal fees, attorney fees, enforcement fees], by taking over such costs and acting as local manager of the customer -creditor, through our lawyers [members of the National Union of Romanian Bar Associations] or legal advisers [members of the College Union of Romanian Legal Advisers] until the final settlement.

We have the best conditions, where the costs related to the customer-creditor are taken over by us, the best offer and at the same time, the most serious one, because, while we advance the expenses, we are not willing to lose money in lost cases, and we will be even more interested than the customer-creditor to achieve our mission, namely to acquire the intended outcome.

Please contact us at sales@urbansiasociatii.ro for a customized offer.