The cooperation with Urban si Asociatii under a franchise system will ensure certain advantages and opportunities and special perspectives regarding the development of an own business whose success has already been proved:

  • • the affiliation to a national, unitary and organized national system represented by the franchise system;
  • • assurance of the business success by means of the franchised partner market operation under the Urban si Asociatii brand notoriety and under the debts/ receivables collection/ recovery quality services;
  • • the provision by Urban si Asociatii , of the support, implementation and development of the marketing, advertising strategy and a public image at local level, where the franchised partner acts; on a more and more competitive market, where it is extremely difficult to convince an individual and/or legal entity to rely on your services and efficiency, the franchised partner shall start with a recognition of the offered services quality, fact that will significantly contribute to the fast development of a customer fleet;
  • • ensuring the contractual and working forms, unitary and mandatory at the entire franchisors network level, in particular because such systems have proven their efficiency, as well as ensuring the permanent implementation of new working procedures to be agreed by Urban si Asociatii for the permanent improvement of the working efficiency and output and increased results;
  • • consultancy regarding the business office arrangement, the franchised partner internal organization chart, consultancy regarding the collectors working output review, review of debts collection files settlement efficiency, setting up the databases;
  • • training the franchised partner personnel by making them aware of the standard working regulations;
  • • providing advertising materials, which consist of: portfolios; business cards;
  • • providing customers, in addition to the customers directly attracted by the franchised partner, al a local level;
  • • providing the customized e-mail accounts;
  • • issuing credential letters and supporting the franchised partner upon the latter’s attendance in tenders organized by companies or institutions that intend to outsource the debts collection/ recovery activity and legal advice regarding administrative issues .

We are the most efficient in debts collection and recovery, in providing collections monitoring services, in debts management, in the provision to banks, consumer credit institutions, leasing companies of preventive solutions and creditworthiness reviews and certificates;

We are not saying that, but our customers, our partners, and the COMPETITION feels it!

By being part of the national franchise system, together we will dominate the Romanian debts collection and recovery market, we will become much stronger and we will attract more customers that will know the benefits and efficiency of retaining our services, briefly we will become unstoppable leaders!

Your affiliation procedure to the national franchise system of Urban si Asociatii is as follows:

In order to become a franchised partner of URBAN SI ASOCIATII, you should take the following steps:

  • • a set-up trading company;
  • • your company scope of business should consist of consulting services for business and management and other services rendered mainly in favor of enterprises; no other trading businesses may be carried out during the partnership term, except for those contemplated by the franchise agreement concluded with Urban si Asociatii;
  • • the trading company directors and shareholders should have a good moral and professional reputation in the community where it carries on its activity;
  • • you should hold an office space or you should have the opportunity to lease and arrange the appropriate premises. We are interested in particular in the office space location (preferably in central areas with high pedestrian traffic, in office business centers, or trade centers), the modern commercial appearance of the office working unit and personnel compliant with the minimum starting requirements [secretariat / archive/ protocol room / working space provided with desks /PC, internet access] .
  • • the next stage consists in filling-in the standard application provided by us, which should be sent to the e-mail account in order to be reviewed.
  • • Depending on our planning, the Regional Manager shall visit your location in order to verify the conditions set out in your application. Attention, such visit of your location shall not be deemed as an implied acceptance of our cooperation
  • • The contractual relations with URBAN SI ASOCIATII shall begin as of the execution of the Franchise Agreement, agreement that sets out in detail our partnership terms.
  • • Following the execution of the Franchise Agreement, you will pay the joining fee in our national franchise system.
  • • You should benefit of accounting services, upon your entrance in the franchise system your company should have no outstanding debts, all prior agreements should be closed;


As soon as your company shall execute the franchise agreement, it will receive from URBAN SI ASOCIATII, the access to information related to:

  • • the use of debts collection/ recovery programs;
  • • exchange of information between the franchised partners that belong to the national network, regarding data and information related to debtors;
  • • use of working forms of Urban si Asociatii;
  • • permanent update of the working systems and forms, depending on the requirements set out by the national market structure change;
  • • access to the National Receivables Exchange;
  • • the forms used regarding the execution and performance of contractual relations with potential customers that apply for the services provided by Urban si Asociatii;

Please note that all working programs, forms, standard agreements concluded with the customers that request a service of URBAN SI ASOCIATII, are registered with the notary public offices, with the Romanian Copyrights Office and with the State Inventions and Brands Office, as our company exclusive property, are protected under the protection system provided by Business Software Alliance, and the franchised receives, upon the franchise agreement execution, only a temporary right of use during the franchise agreement term.


The franchise represents an agreement under which the owner of a business (franchisor) assigns to the business concept purchaser (franchised partner) the rights of use upon the company, trademark name, the right to trade certain products / services already successful on the market.

In addition to the trade of debts collection/ recovery services, the collection management, debts management, creditworthiness reports and certificates, URBAN SI ASOCIATII supports the franchised partner with a complex package of services for business development.

The packages includes technical and technological knowledge that can be transferred under contractual basis (know-how), the free of charge personnel training regarding the systems operation, consultancy regarding the working offices arrangement, the internal organization chart.

The franchised partner shall be bound to comply with the company quality standards, being supported by the franchisor knowledge and expertise, shall be bound not to prejudice the prestige of the franchisor URBAN SI ASOCIATII and to comply with all unitary working procedures set out by the latter.

URBAN SI ASOCIATII permanently controls the imposed system quality and supports the partner during the business construction and development.


  • - partial financing from the franchisor;
  • - the franchised is not bound to have a prior expertise in the sector;
  • - the interest for the business success is shown by both parties;
  • - the prior expertise is used for the development of new solutions;
  • - support at the beginning as well as during the business performance;
  • - by using the franchisor’s name, the franchised registers success from the very beginning;
  • - regional protection based on the exclusive distribution rights.
  • - the franchisor provides the full business concept accompanied by the full business launching package
  • - you will become an expert from the first day: a tested and documented marketing concept will support you during the market business launch an promotion;
  • - the business secret is known from the very beginning: the franchise concept know-how and implementation thereof are provided and tested by the franchisor;
  • - all information is provided in writing: a correctly drawn up agreement, with benefits for both parties and a franchise manual that sets out the full business know-how, all these define the partnership rules;
  • - your business is protected: no competitor will impede you with the same business concept in your field of business;
  • - a minimum business launching risk;
  • - you will quickly find a place on the market due to the already known franchise concept;
  • - you are the business owner, and not the person instructed on how to act;
  • - from the first day you will register a market share increase: the competition pressure is almost inexistent because the business know-how is provided to you by the franchisor confidentially.


  • • letter of intent sent by e-mail to : ;
  • • letter of intent sent by mail to our company mailing address of Bucharest, found at the link CONTACT
  • • you can download the form “standard franchising application “


The expertise acquired through the pilot unit set up and management will provide the information required in order to develop the franchise package. The franchisor unites the concept or business elements in a product that shall be traded.

The united business concept elements represent the contents of the franchise package. The franchise package represents what you assign under the franchise agreement. The franchised shall purchase and operate the franchise package in order to trade goods and services to end users.

Thus, the package may include:

  • • Manuals that set out in detail: the manufacture and sale of certain goods; the provision of certain services; marketing techniques that may be used; business methods; any other rules that should be complied with by the one that adheres to the franchise network; the business know-how;
  • • Rights related to the trademarks, trade names, stores logos;
  • • Rights related to industrial models and drawings and invention patents;
  • • Term of the agreement;
  • • Amount of fees: initial fee, continuous fee, advertising fee;
  • • Regional exclusivity rights ;
  • • Advertising procedures;
  • • Types of services: initial and continuous;
  • • The franchised profile: large trading company, small trading company, individual.

Thus, the franchise package includes everything the franchised should receive, know or do.

The franchise agreement shall be provided to you for evaluation following the review of your documents and your filling in the standard form regarding the affiliation to the national franchise system URBAN SI ASOCIATII.


In order to be reviewed by our company Franchise Department, your application related to the affiliation to the national franchise system of URBAN SI ASOCIATII, you should provide us with the following documents [the documents should be sent in one photocopy, and on the right bottom corner should bear the signature of the company general manager / director and the company seal]:

  • • documentary list setting out the list of all documents included in the file sent for the review of URBAN SI ASOCIATII ;
  • • documents delivery-acceptance protocol, in two copies [ one copy shall be returned to you after the documents shall be received by URBAN SI ASOCIATII, signed and stamped by us ];
  • • the charter of incorporation of your company that shall become franchised partner of URBAN SI ASOCIATII; these shall also include all addenda regarding the company changes [ registered office/ goodwill /new shareholders / removed directors] between the set up date and until now;
  • • finding certificate issued by the Trade Register maximum 15 days prior to the post office date affixed on the documents sent for our company review;
  • • CVs of the shareholders and directors / general managers / current employees of the company that intends to become a franchised partner of URBAN SI ASOCIATII;
  • • Copy of the balance sheet for the last financial year and for the last six months prior to the documents sending date for our company’s review;
  • • Copy of the last VAT statement registered with the tax body under whose jurisdiction your company registered office is located ;
  • • Copy of the lease agreement and premises drawing regarding the place where the working office operates or will operate regarding the debts collection activity, by setting out the rooms destination [ e.g.. : protocol, working offices; secretariat; archive; etc]
  • • Description of the trading businesses performed until the documents’ transmission for review, by the company that intends to become a franchised partner of URBAN SI ASOCIATII, by setting out the potential outstanding debts to service providers, as well as the due receivables

The documents shall be sent in a sealed envelope to our company at the mailing address of Bucharest that can be found by accessing the link “CONTACT”.

The franchise agreement shall be provided to you for evaluation following the review of your documents and your will filling in of the standard form regarding the affiliation to the national franchise system URBAN SI ASOCIATII.


For any further details please visit ouR website

The franchise agreement shall be provided to you for your evaluation following the review of your documents and your will filling in of the standard form regarding the affiliation to the national franchise system URBAN SI ASOCIATII.