Urban Indicator

The creditworthiness index sets out the risk level of a business relation.

URBAN INDICATOR creditworthiness index:

A 100 – A 200 = high creditworthiness

B 201 - B 300 = good creditworthiness

C 301 – C 400 = average creditworthiness; requires securities prior to concluding the deal

D 401 – D 500 = low creditworthiness; all business relations should be avoided

The computing algorithm of Urban creditworthiness index is based on a large number of criteria and indicators acquired following a review of all commercial, economic, accounting and legal issues of a company:

  • • Terms of payment
  • • Loan facilities status
  • • Orders status
  • • Company development
  • • Number of employees
  • • Turnover / Net profit
  • • Productivity (turnover / number of employees)
  • • Equity capital structure
  • • The company payment conduct
  • • Capital turnover
  • • Legal form
  • • Company years of business
  • • Company structure
  • • Scope of business
  • • Jurisdictional creditworthiness

Based on the above mentioned criteria, the company URBAN SI ASOCIATII enables each interested individual and/or legal entity to retain our services in order to determine the business creditworthiness:

  • • to determine the business creditworthiness of your own company, being entitled to use the CREDITWORTHINESS CERTIFICATE issued by our company in order to prove your creditworthiness during a tender, a tender offers selection or the provision of your offer to new customers
  • • to determine the business creditworthiness of your partners, subcontractors, etc.;
  • • to determine the business creditworthiness of future collaborators or partners regarding which you intend to learn more prior to executing an agreement or initiating new joint trading businesses;

In either case, please contact our company:

Required documents

In order to draw up a creditworthiness report URBAN INDICATOR, the interested persons should provide us with the following documents:<

  • • the annual and biannual balance sheet for the last 2 years
  • • the last profit and loss account;
  • • copy of the last employees payroll;
  • • up-to-date list of all payment due by the company;
  • • list of payments made by the company during the last calendar month [prior to the report];
  • • copy of the company charter of incorporation, as of the company set up, as well as of the addenda executed between the company set up date and the report date;
  • • list of legal proceedings in which the company has been involved as of its set up date until now, both as plaintiff and as defendant;
  • • current status of the company ongoing agreements with its customers;
  • • the company development strategy;
  • • status of marks, patents and intellectual property rights held by the company and duly registered with OSIM and ORDA;

The above mentioned documents should be sent by you to our company, in photocopy and accompanied by a documentary list that should set out each document sent to us. The documents delivery to our company shall take place:

  • • by mail, with receipt confirmation;
  • • in person, through a representative of the company that requests such report

In case of companies or individuals who request a creditworthiness report regarding a third party, individual and/or legal entity, and do not hold the information and documents required by our company, all such information and documents shall be acquired by our company, on the applicant’s expense.